About Us

At The Restomod Store, our vision is to make yours a reality. Our team of classic car enthusiasts shares a passion for collectible automobiles, whether they are muscle cars, hot rods or vintage. We thrive on preservation of all makes and models, although admittedly, a souped up, chromed-out ’66 Mustang will always hold a special place in our hearts and in our shop. And as a one-stop shop for auto restomods, we have the seasoned experts, advanced tools and technological know-how to turn a rusted-out shell of a classic into a spectacular driving machine certain to make heads turn.


Throughout the restomod project, we put special thought and care into every part we add and service we perform. Whether rebuilding a transmission or putting the finishing touches on a cherry-red gleaming paint job, our trusted technicians are very particular about the quality of their work. It is because of their showmanship, that Restomod Store clients never have to doubt their restomod investment.

The Restomod Store clients are varied, ranging from those who already have an original stock chassis ready to restomod, to those who need us to locate a specific antique car for them and put our expertise to work. For some, budget is a non-issue; for others, more modest financial constraints are a factor. From hot-rodders to ultra conservatives, however, one commonality is that each client is passionate about their dream car vision. And at our facility in Kansas City, Missouri, we have an abundance of restomod options and services available to accommodate their wishes. Without exception, the end result is always the ultimate drivable dream, built precisely to the client’s specifications with the fit and finish of a show car.


We are pleased to be a member of SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) and its specialty groups, ARMO (Automotive Restoration Market Organization) and HRIA (Hot Rod Industry Alliance).

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