About the Ford Mustang

Early model Ford Mustangs are a specialty at The Restomod Store – and we are always proud to have one in our Kansas City shop.  Take a look at a few facts about the Mustang’s rise to popularity:

1964 Mustang: The Introduction

  • Ford Mustang debuted on April 17, 1964, at the New York’s World Fair. The car appeared on the covers of Time and Newsweek.
  • Advertisements appeared in more than 2,600 newspapers and on the major television networks. More than four million people visited showrooms, and more than 22,000 cars were ordered on the first day.
  • Record-breaking sales of any one automobile model during the first year, with more than $400,000.
  • The Mustang was selected to pace the Indianapolis 500.

1964 1/2 Mustang

  • The Mustangs produced for the first six months were referred to as 1964 1/2 or early 1965 Mustangs. All of the VINs began with a 5, indicating model year 1965. The easiest way to tell a 1964 1/2 Mustang from a 1965 is that the front edge of the hood was roll under in 1965 and was not in 1964.
  • Goldfinger (1964) was the first major motion picture to show a Mustang, which was involved in a chase scene with an Aston Martin DB5.

1965 Mustang

  • Fastback. The 1965 Mustang lineup included a new fastback.  But the coupe continued to be the best seller of the group, outselling the convertible and fastback individually five to one, and accounting for nearly 75 percent of total sales.
  • Mustang GT. The first Mustang GT was introduced in April of 1965, available in all three body styles. Two optional V-8 engines were offered with the GT with either 225 or 271 hp and a choice of a three- or four-speed manual, or a Cruise-O-Matic transmission. The ’65 GT also included a special dashboard instrument cluster that became standard in 1966. The GT had stripes on the lower body sides, fog lamps in the grille, dual exhaust tips, and GT badges on the front fenders. The GT upgrade was an extra $165.03.
  • Shelby Mustang. The first Shelby Mustang was introduced in 1965. They were all fastbacks with no rear seat and the spare tire mounted under the rear windshield. The 289 was bumped up to 306 hp. They were all Wimbledon White fastbacks with black interior and Guardsman Blue stripes. The fuel door wore the pony and tribar Mustang emblem.

    Unique Performance began making Shelby G.T. 350 SR Mustangs in 2004. The cars were built using 1965 and 1966 fastbacks, but modern engine and suspension technology. The first unit produced sold at the 2004 Barrett-Jackson Auction for $151,200. Unique Performance also makes 1967 Shelby G.T.500 “Eleanor” replicas.

Historical information from TheMustangSource.com

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