Why Choose The Restomod Store

The Restomod Store is the best choice for your restomod project, hands down. The following provides a glimpse at many compelling reasons why The Restomod Store will appeal not only to your pocketbook, but also to your desire for quality worksmanship.

  • Clients come first. We firmly believe that clients’ wants, needs and dreams should be our number one consideration — always and without question. Our highly experienced automobile technicians will do everything in their power to steer your restomod project down the right road. Throughout the process, we strive to understand your end goal and expertly recommend the best parts and services to get you there. You can watch our progress every step of the way, with photos, updates and visits to our shop. We welcome your critical input and will gladly make requested changes as we move from one stage to another.
  • Affordable options. Unlike many restomod companies that charge exorbitant costs per project, The Restomod Store strives to keep costs down, while not losing sight of quality. With our typical restomod project prices running from $50K to $100K, we don’t take your restomod investment lightly. We make sure you receive only the best for your allocated dollars.
  • Quick turnaround. Through focus and an impressive depth of knowledge, we are able to finish extensive restomod projects in a shorter timeframe than most competitors. With an average completion time of 90-120 days (as opposed to 12 -24 months), we do our best to get you on the road in your one-of-a-kind restomod as quickly as possible.
  • One-stop shop. The Restomod Store takes care of everything pertaining to your restomod project, leaving you with little to do but relax and enjoy the experience. Once we understand your specific desires, we’re off and running, with complete access to everything we need to perform the work. Having a single point of contact for the entire restomod project puts your mind at ease – saving you time, money and a great many headaches.
  • International service and delivery. The Restomod Store is a global enterprise – reaching out to prospective buyers domestically and internationally. Distance is not an issue, and we ensure well-coordinated international delivery, with completed restomod projects reaching their destination safely and without incident. Learn more about international sales of classic American muscle car restomods.

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