“Calling Card” 1967 Mustang Fastback

Supercharged Fastback

This is the “Calling Card” 1967 Mustang Fastback we built for our shop. We squeezed a 2012 supercharged 5.0 5sp in it with Heidts G-force front and independent rears suspension. It received tons of body mods including lowered rockers, front spoiler, rear roll pan, extended and pointed nose, rear spoiler, scooped quarter windows, filled side scoops, and shaved drip rails, just to name a few. the interior we kept stock-ish looking with a few modern touches. the paint is our version of Chrysler Snakeskin green and matte charcoal stripes. We finished it off with the 18″ and 19″ Boze wheels. It is currently on the cover of Modified Mustangs and Fords magazine for February 2014 issue. Continue reading

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1972 C-10


1972 Chevy C-10 shortbed. This truck received full Porterbuilt Suspension on a boxed and finished frame, shaved door handles, drip rails, front and rear roll pans, one piece front clip, custom inner fenders, custom bed floor and inner fenders with a tilt floor to hide the complete air ride system. The truck was finished with a custom mixed orange and silver two tone and lays frame on 20″ and 22″ Boze wheels.

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1969 Camaro Restomod

Twin Turbo Camaro
This is the Anarchy 1969 Camaro we did the bodywork and paint on for a customer. It was a special mixed waterborne orange and black with some pinstriping done by Bob Bond. It later received full race-ready suspension and a twin turbo LS engine and Boze wheels.
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1961 Parkwood Wagon


1961 Chevy Parkwood 9 passenger wagon. Equipped with a Corvette LS1 (5.7L), 4L60E, 4 Wheel Disc Brakes, RideTech Air Suspension, Vintage Air, JL Audio MP3 System, Boss Wheels, and a custom interior.

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’72 C10 Chevy in Gauge Magazine

December 2013 Gauge Magazine

Ms. Kelsey Sheldon and our custom ’72 C10 Chevy pickup are on the cover of the December 2013 edition of Gauge Magazine. There are tons of great SEMA 2013 photos in this online magazine – be sure to check it out!72 C10 Chevy Pickup

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’67 Mustang Fastback Photos at MustangsDaily.com

RestoMod Store '67 Mustang Fastback photo from MustangsDaily.com

Back in November, the folks at MustangsDaily.com posted some great pictures of our signature ’67 Mustang fastback at SEMA. Check out the photos here.

RestoMod Store '67 Mustang Fastback photo from MustangsDaily.com

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Who would have guessed Mom was cool in her station wagon?

Greetings from the Goodguys Heartland Nationals 2012. Mike and Michael McLin from our shop joined my father and I on a nice 215 mile cruise to Des Moines this weekend for the show. Michael and Mike were interested in driving the 61 Parkwood station wagon since I had just got it back from a 2500 mile business trip with it. We all spoke on way up that it would be great to see a couple of nice wagons here, since we have grown to love them after completing two wagon Restomods in our shop in the past year.
We did a 1969 Dodge Coronet Wagon for Jason Rogers that made it’s maiden voyage to the 2011 Street Rod Nats in Louisville. The just prior to Kansas City’s 2012 World of Wheels in Feb. (Like 2 hours prior) we got our 61 Parkwood online. The Parkwood was the teen dream of Michael McLin, our lead painter, and last year I bought the uncompleted project from him and committed the team and parts to finish it right.
So bright and early the Friday we all rolled in Goodguys Des Moines hoping to see one or two other cool wagons and a few stockers… Were we shocked. I stopped counting at about 60. My camera phone has had the crap beaten out of it, and it was 95 or higher (temp and humidity) the whole time, so sorry about the poor photography.
The universal theme with every wagon owner and the hundreds of admirers that stopped at our Parkwood was “God I hated these cars when I was a kid”. We heard stories of sunburns and vomiting from the rear facing 3rd row seats, dog mishaps (not like Clark Griswold or Mitt Romney just biological), and the guaranteed embarrassment of having Mom cruise up in her longroof and scream at you to get in… Now we all universally agree that these wagons are about as cool as Fonzi, 501 Levis, or the Vintage Air we have all installed into our rides in the past several years!
We just bought a 68 LTD wagon (428 powered) for Mike McLin, and I know where I might get a couple of 58 Yoemans, so wagon fever is staying alive at our shop for sure.
Here are the photos that I took on my phone from the Goodguys Heartland Nationals 2012 in Des Moines, IA. Goodguys Iowa Wagons

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2012 Kicking Off With A Bang at The RestoMod Store!

Wow, we are kicking off 2012 with a bang at our new shop. I have posted a few of the projects we have been working on so far this year. There are several others that I forgot to get pics of. Having fun and keeping our customers and their rides super happy!

The RestoMod Store

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1967 Camaro Restomod

Our latest turn key build is this 1967 Camaro. This car was givin the best of every option. Let’s start with 575 horsepower on an LS engine package with an Ozmo Engineering carbon fiber intake and a beefed up Tremec 6-Speed Gearbox. How about Heidts Pro-G Front Subframe and NEW Pro-G Rear IRS (yes, Independent Rear Suspension). This car was built for performance and luxury with its full in house custom interior with matching trunk space. The body modifications include recessed hideaway headlight grille assembly, shaved door handles and drip rails, rear spoiler, 69 Camaro taillights and rear valance, modified front valance and custom front spoiler. Under the hood was smooth up with hand made metal inner fenders and radiator cover as well as smoothed firewall and custom under hood structure with functioning vented cowl hood. Topped off with a special mixed blue pearl with stripes, and lets not forget the Boze wheels. 
We are currently working on loading more pictures, Check back soon!
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1966 Chevy C20

The fine folks at 4-5-6 Chevy Trucks rely on The RestoMod Store (thats us!) to do the body and paint work on their amazing truck restoration. If this 46 year old sheet metal could talk!
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1959 Chevy El Camino

1959 El Camino Repaint Job

We were tasked with repainting this 59 Chevy El Camino with a 348 and 3×2 setup. The previous restoration missed the mark on paint quality, and included the entire laundry list of show paint failures: Runs, Fish Eyes, Dry Spots, Orange Peal, Cracking, etc… It will be looking MUCH better by March 8!
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World of Wheels 2012 – Kansas City

The RestoMod Store was excited to be a part of the 2012 World of Wheels car show at Bartle Hall in Kansas City.

The RestoModStore booth at World of Wheels 2012 - Kansas City IMG_3449-1024.jpg IMG_3450-1024.jpg IMG_3451-1024.jpg IMG_3452-1024.jpg IMG_3453-1024.jpg IMG_3454-1024.jpg IMG_3455-1024.jpg IMG_3456-1024.jpg IMG_3457-1024.jpg IMG_3458-1024.jpg IMG_3459-1024.jpg IMG_3460-1024.jpg IMG_3461-1024.jpg IMG_3462-1024.jpg IMG_3463-1024.jpg IMG_3464-1024.jpg IMG_3465-1024.jpg IMG_3466-1024.jpg IMG_3467-1024.jpg IMG_3468-1024.jpg IMG_3469-1024.jpg IMG_3470-1024.jpg IMG_3471-1024.jpg IMG_3472-1024.jpg IMG_3473-1024.jpg IMG_3474-1024.jpg IMG_3475-1024.jpg IMG_3476-1024.jpg IMG_3477-1024.jpg IMG_3478-1024.jpg IMG_3479-1024.jpg IMG_3480-1024.jpg IMG_3481-1024.jpg IMG_3482-1024.jpg IMG_3483-1024.jpg IMG_3484-1024.jpg IMG_3485-1024.jpg IMG_3486-1024.jpg IMG_3487-1024.jpg IMG_3488-1024.jpg IMG_3489-1024.jpg IMG_3490-1024.jpg IMG_3491-1024.jpg IMG_3492-1024.jpg IMG_3493-1024.jpg IMG_3494-1024.jpg IMG_3495-1024.jpg IMG_3496-1024.jpg IMG_3497-1024.jpg IMG_3498-1024.jpg IMG_3499-1024.jpg IMG_3500-1024.jpg IMG_3501-1024.jpg IMG_3502-1024.jpg IMG_3571-1024.jpg IMG_3572-1024.jpg IMG_3570-1024.jpg IMG_3568-1024.jpg IMG_3569-1024.jpg IMG_3566-1024.jpg IMG_3567-1024.jpg IMG_3565-1024.jpg IMG_3563-1024.jpg IMG_3564-1024.jpg IMG_3562-1024.jpg IMG_3560-1024.jpg IMG_3561-1024.jpg IMG_3558-1024.jpg IMG_3559-1024.jpg IMG_3557-1024.jpg IMG_3556-1024.jpg IMG_3553-1024.jpg IMG_3554-1024.jpg IMG_3555-1024.jpg IMG_3552-1024.jpg IMG_3550-1024.jpg IMG_3551-1024.jpg IMG_3549-1024.jpg IMG_3548-1024.jpg IMG_3547-1024.jpg IMG_3545-1024.jpg IMG_3546-1024.jpg IMG_3543-1024.jpg IMG_3544-1024.jpg IMG_3541-1024.jpg IMG_3542-1024.jpg IMG_3539-1024.jpg IMG_3540-1024.jpg IMG_3538-1024.jpg IMG_3536-1024.jpg IMG_3537-1024.jpg IMG_3534-1024.jpg IMG_3535-1024.jpg IMG_3532-1024.jpg IMG_3533-1024.jpg IMG_3530-1024.jpg IMG_3531-1024.jpg IMG_3529-1024.jpg IMG_3527-1024.jpg
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1965 Mustang Fastback #5 – Fair

1965 Fastback, The car has been blasted but metalwork not completed. The car will sell for $6,000 in its current condition, including all the interior and bolt on components that are reusable. This car can be either a restoration (non-numbers) or restomod project. Plan on being at $12,000 for full clean sheet metal.

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1966 Mustang Fastback #4 – Good

1966 Fastback, The car is currently having the metal work completed and will sell for $10,000 as a clean sheet metal shell, but will include all of the interior components (seats, fold down, panels, brackets, gauges) that came with the car. This car can be either a restoration (non-numbers) or restomod project.

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1967 Mustang Fastback #3 – Fair

1967 Fastback, Originally a Canadian car, so cancer is fairly extensive. The car sells for $5000.00 as is with title. We have some of the interior components, but mostly this is just a shell with a rotten bottom all around. This car will need all new pans, frame rails, fenderwells, dash, firewall, quarters, etc… This is an EXCELLENT candidate for a restomod project since nobody will cringe if we put wider mini-tub inner fenders on rear, coilover suspension, etc… Plan on being at $15,000 for full clean sheet metal.

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1967 Mustang Fastback S Code (390 car) #1 – Very Good

1967 Fastback S Code (390 car), with numbers matching engine, trans (4), rear, originally black with GT package and black delux interior.  The car sells for $15,000.00 as is with title.  It is a fairly complete car and many of the interior and accessory components are still on the car (window mechanisms, bumper brackets, etc…).  Great candidate for a numbers matching restoration vs. restomod/custom.  Plan on being at $22,000 for full clean sheet metal.

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1967 Mustang Fastback S Code #2 – Good

1967 Fastback S Code (390 car), non numbers matching 4 speed, motor, rear, originally a dark green car with black standard interior. The car sells for $10,000.00 as is with title. It is also fairly complete with interior components but is missing the bucket seats. Exterior is in good shape, but is missing hood, damaged (cut to remove motor) radiator core support, and missing bumpers. Great candidate for a restomod or non-100 point restoration. Plan on being at $17,000 for full clean sheet metal.

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