Who would have guessed Mom was cool in her station wagon?

Greetings from the Goodguys Heartland Nationals 2012. Mike and Michael McLin from our shop joined my father and I on a nice 215 mile cruise to Des Moines this weekend for the show. Michael and Mike were interested in driving the 61 Parkwood station wagon since I had just got it back from a 2500 mile business trip with it. We all spoke on way up that it would be great to see a couple of nice wagons here, since we have grown to love them after completing two wagon Restomods in our shop in the past year.
We did a 1969 Dodge Coronet Wagon for Jason Rogers that made it’s maiden voyage to the 2011 Street Rod Nats in Louisville. The just prior to Kansas City’s 2012 World of Wheels in Feb. (Like 2 hours prior) we got our 61 Parkwood online. The Parkwood was the teen dream of Michael McLin, our lead painter, and last year I bought the uncompleted project from him and committed the team and parts to finish it right.
So bright and early the Friday we all rolled in Goodguys Des Moines hoping to see one or two other cool wagons and a few stockers… Were we shocked. I stopped counting at about 60. My camera phone has had the crap beaten out of it, and it was 95 or higher (temp and humidity) the whole time, so sorry about the poor photography.
The universal theme with every wagon owner and the hundreds of admirers that stopped at our Parkwood was “God I hated these cars when I was a kid”. We heard stories of sunburns and vomiting from the rear facing 3rd row seats, dog mishaps (not like Clark Griswold or Mitt Romney just biological), and the guaranteed embarrassment of having Mom cruise up in her longroof and scream at you to get in… Now we all universally agree that these wagons are about as cool as Fonzi, 501 Levis, or the Vintage Air we have all installed into our rides in the past several years!
We just bought a 68 LTD wagon (428 powered) for Mike McLin, and I know where I might get a couple of 58 Yoemans, so wagon fever is staying alive at our shop for sure.
Here are the photos that I took on my phone from the Goodguys Heartland Nationals 2012 in Des Moines, IA. Goodguys Iowa Wagons

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World of Wheels 2012 – Kansas City

The RestoMod Store was excited to be a part of the 2012 World of Wheels car show at Bartle Hall in Kansas City.

The RestoModStore booth at World of Wheels 2012 - Kansas City IMG_3449-1024.jpg IMG_3450-1024.jpg IMG_3451-1024.jpg IMG_3452-1024.jpg IMG_3453-1024.jpg IMG_3454-1024.jpg IMG_3455-1024.jpg IMG_3456-1024.jpg IMG_3457-1024.jpg IMG_3458-1024.jpg IMG_3459-1024.jpg IMG_3460-1024.jpg IMG_3461-1024.jpg IMG_3462-1024.jpg IMG_3463-1024.jpg IMG_3464-1024.jpg IMG_3465-1024.jpg IMG_3466-1024.jpg IMG_3467-1024.jpg IMG_3468-1024.jpg IMG_3469-1024.jpg IMG_3470-1024.jpg IMG_3471-1024.jpg IMG_3472-1024.jpg IMG_3473-1024.jpg IMG_3474-1024.jpg IMG_3475-1024.jpg IMG_3476-1024.jpg IMG_3477-1024.jpg IMG_3478-1024.jpg IMG_3479-1024.jpg IMG_3480-1024.jpg IMG_3481-1024.jpg IMG_3482-1024.jpg IMG_3483-1024.jpg IMG_3484-1024.jpg IMG_3485-1024.jpg IMG_3486-1024.jpg IMG_3487-1024.jpg IMG_3488-1024.jpg IMG_3489-1024.jpg IMG_3490-1024.jpg IMG_3491-1024.jpg IMG_3492-1024.jpg IMG_3493-1024.jpg IMG_3494-1024.jpg IMG_3495-1024.jpg IMG_3496-1024.jpg IMG_3497-1024.jpg IMG_3498-1024.jpg IMG_3499-1024.jpg IMG_3500-1024.jpg IMG_3501-1024.jpg IMG_3502-1024.jpg IMG_3571-1024.jpg IMG_3572-1024.jpg IMG_3570-1024.jpg IMG_3568-1024.jpg IMG_3569-1024.jpg IMG_3566-1024.jpg IMG_3567-1024.jpg IMG_3565-1024.jpg IMG_3563-1024.jpg IMG_3564-1024.jpg IMG_3562-1024.jpg IMG_3560-1024.jpg IMG_3561-1024.jpg IMG_3558-1024.jpg IMG_3559-1024.jpg IMG_3557-1024.jpg IMG_3556-1024.jpg IMG_3553-1024.jpg IMG_3554-1024.jpg IMG_3555-1024.jpg IMG_3552-1024.jpg IMG_3550-1024.jpg IMG_3551-1024.jpg IMG_3549-1024.jpg IMG_3548-1024.jpg IMG_3547-1024.jpg IMG_3545-1024.jpg IMG_3546-1024.jpg IMG_3543-1024.jpg IMG_3544-1024.jpg IMG_3541-1024.jpg IMG_3542-1024.jpg IMG_3539-1024.jpg IMG_3540-1024.jpg IMG_3538-1024.jpg IMG_3536-1024.jpg IMG_3537-1024.jpg IMG_3534-1024.jpg IMG_3535-1024.jpg IMG_3532-1024.jpg IMG_3533-1024.jpg IMG_3530-1024.jpg IMG_3531-1024.jpg IMG_3529-1024.jpg IMG_3527-1024.jpg
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