SPEED Philosophy – Safety, Performance, Engineering, Economy, Drivability

At The Restomod Store, we pride ourselves on building a collector’s car that retains the original look, but replaces outdated automotive technology with the most recent enhancements.

As we strive to modernize the comfort and performance of the restomod car rather than sufficing with a classic restoration, our approach hinges on the philosophy of SPEED, incorporating the most advanced features and services available.

Restomod Store 67 Mustang-4766-1024
SPEED Philosophy - Safety, Performance, Engineering, Economy, Drivability
  • Safety – Improved seatbelts, stronger frames, suspension, braking, reliable engines, electronics
  • Performance – High-performance engine and transmission, wheels and tires, modern suspension
  • Engineering – Modernized electronics, engine, transmission; enhanced frame and chassis to reinforce original design of Mustang
  • Economy – Modern V8 with fuel injection, overdrive transmission, unleaded gas, better wheels and tires; all contribute to better fuel economy
  • Drivability – Structural enhancements to frame, rack and pinion steering, performance tires and wheels, air conditioning

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