Restomod Services

As we determine the specifics of your restomod dream car, a full array of service options is available to you, as shown in the chart below. Whatever auto restoration service is necessary for the restomod project, we offer it: mechanical, rust repair, restoration, interior, electrical, fabrication, tuning, bodywork, paint, polishing, and of course the parts required for restomod completion.

Depending on your desired outcome, you choose one of the four stages, which progressively become more complex. Part upgrades for each option are available as you move up the series of stage levels – from Stage 1 to Stage 4.

Options Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4
Frame Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sheet Metal Yes Yes Yes Yes
Floor pans Yes Yes Yes Yes
Front / rear suspension Yes Yes Yes Yes
Front / rear brakes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Engine Yes Yes Yes
Transmission Yes Yes Yes
Body Kits Yes Yes
Paint Yes Yes
Wheel/Tire Packages Yes Yes
Body Work Yes Yes
Full finish Yes
Interior Yes
Audio System Yes
Gauges Yes
Wiring Yes
Turnkey project Yes

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