Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are your fees?  How is the project cost assessed?
    For standard items we can often quote a fixed price to complete your project after inspecting your car and discussing the exact scope of the project. With many older cars, unexpected costs nearly always arise (unseen rust damage, hardened plastic and rubber, etc…). We work with you to provide the most accurate estimate possible, but will also keep you informed as soon as we uncover a surprise.
  2. Do you require a down payment?
    This really depends on the size and scope of the project. For projects lasting less than 2 weeks, we will typically require payment when you pick up your vehicle. For longer projects, we may require progress billing once or twice per month so that you know where we are on the project.
  3. How do I know my money won’t be used on another project?
    We provide detailed billing and use statements that accurately show progress and parts purchased. We never borrow funds from customer projects, and therefore don’t require large deposits or down payments.
  4. What happens if I need to stop the project or put it on hold?
    Contact us immediately and discuss it with our management team. We can help determine the best stopping point, what the bill will look like, and what we may need to do for you to adequately “put the project to sleep”.
  5. What is the difference between Restoration and Restomod?
    Restoration means taking a classic car and restoring it, using original factory parts. Restomod involves keeping the classic appearance of the original car, but replacing critical parts with more modern, high-performance parts of today.
    Learn more: Restomod vs Restore.
  6. Do you arrange shipping of the vehicle or do I?              If you are outside the Kansas City area, we will work with you to arrange transportation.

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