Restomod Project Process

At The Restomod Store, we treat your prize vehicle as if it were our own, and approach every aspect of the restomod process with care and precision. From the minute you begin talking with us about how you envision your ideal dream car, you’ll find us to be attentive, knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

Here is what to expect once your car reaches our doorstep:

  1. Clear out the vehicle. The Restomod Store removes all areas of your car that hide rust or previous damage (glass, interior, fuel tank, front sheet metal)
  2. Inspect it. We place your car on one of our jigs to inspect for damage and straightness of the body shell.
  3. Estimate time and costs.  You then receive a written estimate of total project costs and timeline for your approval.
  4. Work begins! We meticulously move through the project plan, one step at a time, building the car of your dreams.
  5. Status updates. You receive photos of work in progress, along with additional verbal and written updates on the stage of your vehicle’s restomod.  Also, you are welcome to visit our shop at any time.
  6. Client inspection. You come to The Restomod Store to inspect the completed restomod vehicle, giving a critical eye to the fine detail.
  7. Additional requests.  We accommodate additional requests (after providing a time and cost estimate) and ensure our work is to your satisfaction.  
  8. Client approval. Final client approval of work.
  9. Payment. Receipt of final payment
  10. Shipping. We carefully load, cover and ship your finished restomod to the site of your choosing.

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